Business & Entrepreneurship

  1. Better Business Ecosystems, Jay Steinmetz, CEO of Barcoding Inc
  2. Landing a Gig in Congress, Brent A. Sullivan, Founder of Time on the Hill
  3. Artificial Intelligence: Your New Secretary, Tony Robinson, CEO of Speechmatics
  4. Beer and Congress, David Trone, Owner of Total Wine & More
  5. Championing Honesty, Transparency, & Integrity in Corporate AmericaFord Taylor, former CEO of Brazos Sportswear
  6. Growing Bigger with Sugar, Thom King, CEO of Steviva Brands Sweetener
  7. Cooking Stoves that Combat Global Warming & Poverty, Adam Creighton, Media & Communications Director at InStove
  8. Expanding the Tax Base Through Business Growth, Dave Edgerley, former Maryland Secretary of Business and Economic Development
  9. The Business Network, David Petr, President and CEO of the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation
  10. Montgomery County is Open for BusinessGinanne ItalianoPresident and CEO of the Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce
  11. Making It Easier to Do Business in MarylandKathy Szeliga, Maryland Delegate
  12. How Your Child's Test Scores Affect Your Property Value, Steve Silverman, former Montgomery County Councilmember
  13. Does Success In Business Truly Lead To Fiscal Responsibility In Government?, Sid Kramer, former Montgomery County Executive
  14. Just Be Honest: The Key to SuccessSteven Gaffney, Public Speaker
  15. Just a Tad Sweet- Entrepreneurship in a Bottle, Seth Goldman, TeaEO of Honest Tea
  16. Can You Name Who Is Spending Your Tax Dollars Right Now?, Andrew Belofsky, Craig Powers, & Jordan Cooper, Rotunda LLC