1. Contextualizing Political History, Matt Bai, National Political Columnist for Yahoo News
  2. Talk Radio & the American Media MarketMichael Harrison, Founder and CEO of Talkers Magazine
  3. Local Press: A Good Neighbor, Len Lazarick, founder of
  4. Meeting the Go To Man for a Pitch,  Bill Turque, Reporter for The Washington Post
  5. Nothing Killed the Radio Star,  Bart Tessler, Executive Vice President of News and Talk Programming at Westwood One
  6. Press Power 101Alan Neuhauser, staff writer at U.S. News & World Report
  7. Throwing at Elbow for the President,  Josh Lipsky, former Associate Director of Press Advance at the White House
  8. The Rise of the Political PodcastTrimmel Gomes, founder and host of The RotundaPodcast
  9. Who Cares About Local Politics? And ThenThey Raise Your Property Taxes by 9%,  Lou Peck, Staff Writer for Bethesda Magazine
  10. Targeting Truth in Journalism,  Amanda BennettDirector of the Voice of America and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner
  11. Conversation with the Experts: Tonic for American Democracy,  Tom Keene, host of Bloomberg "Surveillance" and Bloomberg on the Economy
  12. Going to Jail to Protect a NameBrian Karem, Editor in Chief of the Sentinel Newspapers
  13. Throwing Darts: A Lesson in Political Journalism,  Chip Reid, National Correspondent for CBS News
  14. Finding a Bug on the Carpet in the Watergate,  Josh KurtzE&E News Daily Editor & Founder of Maryland Matters
  15. Can Political Spin Be Unspun By Cable News?,  Brian Todd, CNN Correspondent
  16. Do Women in Politics Matter?Kathleen Matthews, former Democratic Candidate for Maryland's 8th Congressional District & Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party