1. Where's Waldo of the Demonstration World, Al Feldstein, Collector of Political Memorabilia 
  2. Overcoming Hearing Loss, Justin Osmond, Speaker & Musician
  3. The Musical Antidote to Depression, JJ McGuigan, Musical Artist & Mental Health Advocate
  4. Beach Boys Love, Robert Williams, former member of the Beach Boys band
  5. Cooking a Memory, Chef Charles Carroll, Culinary Olympic Gold Medalist
  6. The Power of Dance, Carla Perlo, Deborah Riley, & Christoper Morgan of Dance Place
  7. Augmented and Virtual Reality, Steven Aukstakalnis, Augmented Reality expert
  8. Winning On & Off the Field, Ben Troupe, former NFL Linebacker for the Tennessee Titans
  9. Bringing God to the Silver Screen, Sun East & Josiah Warren, Film Directors
  10. Magic, Fright, & Delight in a Theater Company, Clyde P. Riddlesbrood, owner of the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company
  11. Boom Goddess Radio, Jennifer, BB, and Andrea, Hosts of "Boom Goddess Radio"
  12. Hollywood: From Groucho Marx to ProstitutionJim Tugend, Hollywood Movie Producer
  13. Art as a Cultural Catalyst for Civic Change, Deborah Cullinan, CEO at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
  14. Designing Your Way to a Life in Barcelona, Ryan Clott, Barcelona-based Fashion Entrepreneur
  15. Interpreting the Ineffable: Music As InspirationStephen Wilbur, Concert Pianist
  16. The Collapse of Civilization? A Movie, Cyril Dion, French film director of the documentary film "Tomorrow" with Melanie Laurent (of "Inglourious Basterds" fame)
  17. Is Public Funding of the Arts a Waste of Money?Eliot PfanstiehlStrathmore Music Hall Executive Director
  18. How Flag Desecration Can Spark Productive Dialogue,  Mary Mihelic and David Gleason, Activist Artists