Consumer Advocacy

  1. The Science of Firearm Regulation, Jen Pauliukonis, President of Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence
  2. Making Netflix Accessible for the Blind, Robert Kingett, a Self-styled Blind, Gay Journalist
  3. A Recipe for Successful Citizen AdvocacyTom HuckerMontgomery County Councilmember
  4. Swiped: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity ThievesAdam Levin, Co-founder of 
  5. Are Landlords Fleecing Renters?Matt Losak, Executive Director of Montgomery County Renters Alliance
  6. Black Outs and Why Being Wealthy Is not Enough to Stop Them,  Abbe Milstein, Founder of PowerUpMontCo