1. Bringing God to the Silver Screen
  2. Magic, Fright, & Delight in a Theater Company
  3. Boom Goddess Radio
  4. Hollywood: From Groucho Marx to Prostitution
  5. Art as a Cultural Catalyst for Civic Change
  6. Designing Your Way to a Life in Barcelona
  7. Interpreting the Ineffable: Music As Inspiration
  8. The Collapse of Civilization? A Movie
  9.  Is Public Funding of the Arts a Waste of Money?
  10. How Flag Desecration Can Spark Productive Dialogue

Business & Entrepreneurship
  1. Championing Honesty, Transparency, & Integrity in Corporate America
  2. Growing Bigger with Sugar
  3. Cooking Stoves that Combat Global Warming & Poverty
  4. Expanding the Tax Base Through Business Growth
  5. The Business Network
  6. Montgomery County is Open for Business
  7. Making It Easier to Do Business in Maryland
  8. How Your Child's Test Scores Affect Your Property Value
  9. Does Success In Business Truly Lead To Fiscal Responsibility In Government?
  10. Just Be Honest: The Key to Success
  11. Just a Tad Sweet- Entrepreneurship in a Bottle
  12. Can You Name Who Is Spending Your Tax Dollars Right Now?

Consumer Advocacy
  1. Making Netflix Accessible for the Blind
  2. A Recipe for Successful Citizen Advocacy
  3. Swiped: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves 
  4. Are Landlords Fleecing Renters?
  5. Black Outs and Why Being Wealthy Is not Enough to Stop Them
  1. Behind the Camera: Concealing Identity While Increasing Transparency in Government
  2. First Openly Gay Man Elected to the Legislature; So What?

  1. Is Your School Next?
  2. Overcoming an Educational Achievement Gap
  3. Hiring the CEO of a $ 2.5 Billion Organization
  4. Kids, Grades, and Becoming a Functional Member of Society
  5. Achieving Social Justice Through Community Colleges
  6. Recognizing Privilege, Accepting Responsibility
  7. Service to Others Makes Holding Public Office Meaningful
  8. Are We Preparing Maryland's Kids For A Life Behind Bars Because We Can not Keep Them Behind Their Desks?
  9. If the Board of Education is not Communicate, is it Fair to Expect Students to Do So?
  10. Can Chinese Language Immersion in Our Schools Today Save Our Economy Tomorrow

  1. How Many Liberals Does It Take to Change Societal Use of Light Bulbs?
  2. The Gay Grizzley, a Millennial Adventurer
  3. Green: The Color of Money and Environmental Responsibility
  4. Greenbacks = Green + Business
  5. Combating Illegal International Wildlife Trafficking
  6. Take a Stroll to Save the World
  7. Green Businesses; Not an Oxymoron

  1. Saving the People from the Brink with the Banks
  2. Time, Treasure, and Talent
  3. The Noblest Profession
  4. Financing Your Life: From Student Loans to Home Loans

Foreign Affairs
  1. Instilling Responsibility in Greece
  2. Sri Lanka's Emergence from Civil War
  3. Time & Reunification in Cyprus
  4. The Latvian John Adams
  5. Identity, Culture, & Informal Statecraft
  6. Reconciling Hamas & Israel
  7. From Costa Rica to Israel: Improving the World One Negotiation at a Time 
  8. Reparations from the Mad Dog Middle East
  9. Multiculturalism. Society Society Populism in the European Union
  10. Crafts of Precision: Swiss Banks & Diplomacy
  11. In Search of Harmony: From Concert Halls to Embassies
  12. Mudslides, Human Rights, and Trade in Peru
  13. Surviving Assassination, Toppling a Dictatorship
  14. Diplomacy, Dialogue, and Do-Gooders
  15. The United Nations: A Bastion of Antisemitism
  16. Imprisoning a Parliamentarian in Iran; How Human Rights Can Be Inconvenient
  17. A Perennial Red Herring: Who Demands Peace in the Middle East? Answer: Nobody

Good Governance
  1. Reimagining & Replacing Capitalism
  2. The Responsibilities of Happenstance
  3. The Gerrymander Meander
  4. Weeds of Democracy in the Garden of Fascism
  5. Constitutional Endurance: Freedom vs. Security
  6. The Electoral College: Political By Design
  7. Constitutional Framers And You
  8. Political Crops: Instructions on How to Grow
  9. The Epicenter of American Policy Making: Local Governments
  10. What the Governor Really a Professional Baseball Player? 
  11. Taking Ownership of Your Country, Your Resources, and Your Voice 
  12. Making the Buses Run on Time & the Legacy of MLK and the Civil Rights Movement
  13. Are Our Politicians Electing Voters?

  1. It Takes a Village: Promoting Civic Engagement Among Immigrants
  2. Guns, Drugs, & Immigration: How a Fun Night Out is Destroying Lives


  1. Charter Schools and Private Prisons: Is Privatization Out of Control?
  2. Uncharted American Waters- Literally
  3. Infrastructure: Pepco, WSSC, Transit
  4. Clean Water: Keeping You Cholera Free
  5. A Housing "Contract with America"
  6. The Antidote to Suburban Sprawl
  7. Do Developers Own the County Council?
  8. Green Bikes for Grandma
  9. Does Metro Need Money or Accountable Leadership?

  1. Talk Radio & the American Media Market
  2. Local Press: A Good Neighbor
  3. Meeting the Go To Man for a Pitch
  4. Nothing Killed the Radio Star
  5. Press Power 101
  6. Throwing at Elbow for the President
  7. The Rise of the Political Podcast
  8. Who Cares About Local Politics? And ThenThey Raise Your Property Taxes by 9%
  9. Targeting Truth in Journalism
  10. Conversation with the Experts: Tonic for American Democracy
  11. Going to Jail to Protect a Name
  12. Throwing Darts: A Lesson in Political Journalism
  13. Finding a Bug on the Carpet in the Watergate
  14. Can Political Spin Be Unspun By Cable News?
  15. Do Women in Politics Matter?

Labor Unions
  1. Labor Unions in the Classroom
  2. Laboratory & Politics
  3. Collectively Bargaining for a Better Tomorrow
  4. Assembly Lines to the White House
  5. Have Labor Unions Lost Their Relevancy?

Law & Justice
  1. The Nazi Hunter
  2. Christ's Compassion in the Bayou
  3. Diversity on the Bench, from NYC to DC
  4. Why You May Be Wrong When It Comes To Killing Felons
  5. Community Policing: More Than Speeding Tickets and Donuts
  6. Is Politics More Important Than Fighting Crime in Maryland?
  7. Citizen Legislatures: As Informed and As Ignorant As Their Constituents
Medicine, Wellness, Health, and Health Policy
  1. Animal Testing, Nuclear Radiation, & Wall Street
  2. Opioid Epidemic, Advanced Directives, & Saving Tax Dollars
  3. Spinny Vinny's Yarn Unspun
  4. Seeing Right Through the Inflated Costs of X-Rays
  5. How Your McNuggets Lead to Your Extended Hospital Stay
  6. Why Is American Healthcare So Complicated?
  7. Financing Tomorrow's Physicians & Today's Health
  8. Preventing Heart Attacks with Binary Code
  9. Consumer Driven, Integrated Healthcare
  10. CHIPping Away at Medicaid Expansion
  11. Saving Lives, Millions at a Time
  12. Aligning the Healthcare, Construction, Aviation, & the Automobile Industries
  13. Ambulances: Expensive Health Insurance for the Poor
  14. Profits & Health Insurance: A Public Service
  15. Chronic Disease & You
  16. Big Data and Your Doctor; Incentivizing MDs to Make You Healthy
  17. Making Politics Work for Doctors
  18. Landmines, Shattered Bones, and the Nobel Peace Prize
  19. How Making a Ground Breaking Discovery Changes Your Life
  20. Finding Quality in Healthcare
  21. How to Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercising
  22. Should We Be Be Getting High
  23. Taxpayer Funded Drug Paraphernalia for Drug Addicts- A Public Health Success Story
  24. Are Doctors Treating the Lonely More Than the Sick?

  1. Can Women Actually Get Ahead in the US Army?
  1. Escaping the Poverty Cycle
  2. Doing Good While Doing Well; Joining Profits with Philanthropy
  3. A Guide to Whistle in the White House
  4. Addressing Starvation in a Sea of ​​Wealth
  5. Do Philanthropists Have a Greater Impact Than Politicians?
  1. Young Mothers Really Can Do It All
  2. A Call for Future Politicians
  3. How Maryland Invests Your Tax Dollars in Overnight Loans
  4. Show Me the Money
  5. Embracing Pragmatism in an Ideological Age
  6. Rioting in Baltimore; Nightlife in the 21st Century
  7. The Evolution of a Volunteer
  8. No Boys Allowed in this Congressional Club
  9. Remembering to Whom a Politician is Accountable: The Powerless, the Vulnerable, the People
  10. Are Professional Politicians a Menace to the Public Interest?
  11. Do Local Political Parties Add Value to Our Democracy?
  12. The Only Way to Catch Democrats and Republicans in Bed Together Without it Being a Scandal
  13. From News to Law
  14. On Being Mayor of a "People's Republic"
  15. A Call to Public Service
  16. Sidewalks, Speed ​​Bumps, & Service
  17. How the Sausage Gets Made: Doing a Politician's Bidding
  18. Do Peace Corps Volunteers Really Benefit More Than You Are Meant To Help?
  19. On Learning How to Steer a Well-Oiled Political Machine
  20. We Know Where You Live; How Politicians Target Voters' Homes
  21. Why Taxpayers Should Fund Political Mail that You Immediately Throw Away

  1. Radical Hospitality in the National Cathedral
  2. The Path of Hare Krishna
  3. From Civil Rights to Friday Prayers
  4. Finding God's Strength Within
  5. An Ethical World Without God
  6. Applying Medieval Jewish Texts to Corporate America
  7. Finding the Light of God Within Yourself
  8. The Chameleon Synagogue: Supreme Court Justices, Romance, Comedy, and Archeology 
  9. Why You Can not Be Friends with Your Rabbi
  10. Explaining Judaism While Standing on One Leg

Social Services

  1. Schools, Grit, and Nuns in Haiti and Baltimore
  2. It's Not as Easy as Taking a Walk in the Park
  3. Four Walls and a Roof + Love + Hot Coffee = Hope
  4. Why Putting a Roof Over Your Head Matters
  5. Can You Afford to Live Where You Work?