Mission & Vision

Public Interest Podcast consists of conversations with politicians, activists, advocates, and others who seek to improve the world.

Public Interest Podcast strives to provide a meaningful and entertaining window into the inspiration and perspiration that drive a diverse array of individuals to advance the public interest. Our hope is that Public Interest Podcast can:
      1. Create stronger positive associations with public service as an attractive and accessible calling for everyone.

      2. Reveal and accentuate our common humanity by creating a platform for positive civil discourse, thereby interrupting a negative cycle of ignorance begetting distrust, begetting fear, begetting hate, and in turn begetting violence.
      3. Empower listeners to perceive the ubiquitous impact of government over our daily lives and illuminate a path for taking ownership of and exerting influence upon one's own community, government, and society.
      4. Fill the vacuum left by the disappearing Fourth Estate (i.e. traditional journalism), especially with regard to local and state issues, thereby increasing informed voter turnout by familiarizing voters with their elected officials.