Law & Justice

  1. In Praise of Reason, Jeff Rosen, CEO of The Constitution Center
  2. Cyber Crime, Human Trafficking, & Pay ParitySusan LeeMaryland State Senator 
  3. More Bang for Your Buck: Keeping Us Out of PrisonDavid Moon, Maryland Delegate
  4. Making Peace in Prisons, Douglas Noll, a Litigator turned Peace-maker
  5. The Divorce Attorney Who Fought for Gay MarriageKathleen Dumais, Maryland Delegate 
  6. NATO, Navy, & the Maryland LegislatureWill Smith, Maryland State Senator 
  7. Restoring Faith in American Democracy Through Law, Michael Chertoff, former U.S. Cabinet Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security 
  8. Stopping Crime Before it Happens, John McCarthy, Montgomery County State's Attorney
  9. Preventing Genocide Zach Kaufman, Senior Fellow at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government
  10. The Nazi Hunter, Eli Rosenbaum, the longest-serving prosecutor and investigator of Nazi criminals
  11. Diversity on the Bench, from NYC to DCMichele Jawando, Vice President of Legal Progress at the Center for American Progress
  12. Why You May Be Wrong When It Comes To Killing Felons, Jamie Raskin, Maryland Congressman
  13. Community Policing: More Than Speeding Tickets and Donuts, Tom Manger, Montgomery County Police Chief
  14. Is Politics More Important Than Fighting Crime in Maryland?, Doug Gansler, former Maryland Attorney General
  15. Citizen Legislatures: As Informed and As Ignorant As Their Constituents, Brian Feldman, Maryland State Senator