Behind the Scenes Co-Hosting Episodes

  1. Stand Up Comedy in MobTown, Tommy Sinbazo, Stand Up Comic
  2. Mailbag: Listener Feedback, Jordan Cooper, Host of Public Interest Podcast
  3. How to Dump Your Paint, David Catalinotto, San Rafael Fire Department
  4. Party Crashing the Clintons, David Catalinotto, Political Activist
  5. Building a Brand in Podcasting, Joe Pardo, Host of The Business Podcast
  6. The State of Podcasting, Dave Jackson, Host of The School of Podcasting
  7. Virtual Wine Tasting, Aaron Menenberg, wine blogger at
  8. What is America Still Doing in Afghanistan?, Bobby Vainshtein, Department of Defense Contractor
  9. Josh Kurtz: Maryland Politics, Josh Kurtz, Founder of Maryland Matters
  10. New Jersey, NYC, & Democratic Prospects in 2020, Evan Greenstein, Labor Union Attorney and son of a New Jersey state senator
  11. PIP's Beginnings, Jordan Cooper, Host of Public Interest Podcast