1. Staying True to Yourself, Tim Hickman, former Maryland State Senator
  2. Family, Faith, Freedom, & Football, George Allen, former Governor, U.S. Senator from Virginia
  3. Sanctuary Cities, Homeless Shelters, & a Growing Tax Base, Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland, Oregon
  4. Cleaning Up Baltimore, Sheila Dixon, former Mayor of Baltimore City
  5. Dialogue, Trust, & Perceptions of America Abroad, Pete Weichlein, CEO of the Association of Former Members of Congress
  6. Guns, Drunk Driving, & Ethics in Congress, Mike Barnes, former Maryland Congressman
  7. Humility, Justice, & the White House, Martin O'Malley, former Maryland Governor
  8. Conserving Our Tax Dollars, Cliff Stearns, former Congressman from Florida
  9. Bringing Home the Bacon, Don Robertson, former Maryland Delegate
  10. How Friendships Lead to Positions of Leadership, John Hurson, former Maryland Delegate
  11. A Lifetime of Service to Frederick, Ron Young, Maryland State Senator
  12. Money's Veil Over the American Dream, Tim Roemer, former Ambassador, Congressman, & 9/11 Commission Member
  13. Education + Transit = Jobs, Jim Shea, Gubernatorial Candidate for Maryland
  14. Krish Vignarajah for Governor of Maryland
  15. Alec Ross for Governor of Maryland
  16. Libertarians: Don't Tread on Me, Aubrey Eyrolles, PR Director at the Libertarian Party of Texas
  17. Danish Political Populism in the Nursing Home, Liselott Blixt, Danish Parliamentarian
  18. Fatherhood in the Governor's Mansion, Bob Ehrlich, former Governor of Maryland
  19. Balancing N. Korea, Iran, Baltimore, & Annapolis, Ben Cardin, U.S. Senator 
  20. Aligning Values and Crafting Narratives; Big Data & PollingBrent McGoldrick, CEO of Deep Root Analytics
  21. Young Mothers Really Can Do It AllBrooke Lierman, Maryland Delegate
  22. A Call for Future Politicians, Matt Robbins, President of American Majority
  23. How Maryland Invests Your Tax Dollars in Overnight Loans, Larry Levitan, former Maryland State Senator
  24. Show Me the MoneyRich Madaleno, Maryland State Senator
  25. Embracing Pragmatism in an Ideological AgeRushern BakerPrince George's County Executive
  26. Rioting in Baltimore; Nightlife in the 21st Century, Keith Haynes, Maryland Delegate
  27. The Evolution of a VolunteerLinda Kolko, President of the Women's Democratic Club
  28. No Boys Allowed in this Congressional ClubConnie Morella, former Maryland Congresswoman
  29. Accountability to the Powerless & the VulnerableTom Daschle, former U.S. Senate Majority Leader
  30. Are Professional Politicians a Menace to the Public Interest?,  Robin Ficker, former Maryland Delegate
  31. Do Local Political Parties Add Value to Our Democracy?,  Simon Atlas, former Treasurer for the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee
  32. Can Women Actually Get Ahead in the US Army?Amie Hoeber, former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Army
  33. The Only Way to Catch Democrats and Republicans in Bed Together Without it Being a ScandalAlfonso Lopez, Virginia Delegate
  34. From News to LawCraig Zucker, Maryland State Senator
  35. On Being Mayor of a "People's Republic", Kate Stewart, Mayor of Takoma Park
  36. A Call to Public ServiceRoger BerlinerMontgomery County Councilmember
  37. Sidewalks, Speed ​​Bumps, & ServiceNancy FloreenMontgomery County Councilmember
  38. How the Sausage Gets Made: Doing a Politician's Bidding, Ken Hartman, Bethesda Chevy Chase Regional Services Center Director
  39. Do Peace Corps Volunteers Really Benefit More Than You Are Meant To Help?, Shane Robinson, Maryland Delegate
  40. On Learning How to Steer a Well-Oiled Political Machine,  Bruce Adams, former Montgomery County Councilmember
  41. Targeting Voters' Homes, Roger Manno, Maryland State Senator
  42. Why Taxpayers Should Fund Political Mail that You Immediately Throw Away,  Steve VanGrack, former Mayor of Rockville