Politico State Solutions Conference

Rick Snyder [R], Governor of Michigan

Jacqueline Garrick, Exec. Dir., Whistleblowers of America

Hank Wallace, Write & Speak Like the News


Michael O'Brien, MOB Advocacy

Claire McFarland, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program Director, The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney

Luiza Savage, Editorial Director, Politico


Walter Alcorn, VP of Environmental Affairs & Industry Sustainability, Consumer Technology Association

Having a @GOP and @TheDemocrats in @USSenate ideal bc can work w any administration. @GovofCO #StateSolutions

#DACADeal becomes negotiating chip at the expense of children's fear. We can't renege on deal when we asked them to come out of shadows. #StateSolutions @GovofCO

We are creating two bit celebrities by using names of shooters. @GovofCO @politico stop using names of shooters. #StateSolutions

#Self-driving cars somewhat in future but #Millennials aren't as eager to drive. They want to get from A to B and don't care how. @politico @onetoughnerd

2016 voters felt that political establishment wasn't listening to them. @onetoughnerd @Microsoft