Multimedia Coverage

It was great talking with you this afternoon! You’re an amazing host!
We were so impressed with your ability to recall our statements and repeat them.
Do you use some cool tools for that? Or is it just your brain?:) OMG!!
If you ever go into PR and want to be our agent…
Honestly, just a wonderful way of connecting with your guests.
Great job!! And your questions are right on the money.
It was so much FUN!!!

BB, Dr. Andrea and Jennifer 

I am very impressed with your ability to absorb and listen to some complex ideas and take them to a more articulated level. It has been a pleasure talking to you. 
Michael Harrison
Founder & Publisher, Talkers Magazine

I want to thank you for doing this. You're helping fill the void and what you're doing is a public service and is important. I hope [that] other people do it because it is informative and [it is] important... to hold elected officials accountable... and you're doing that. Thank you. 
Gabe Albornoz
Director, Montgomery County Department of Recreation

You have a real talent for this, interviewing, and are extremely knowledgeable about so many topics.
You, unfortunately, are currently burdened with a moral decency and strong desire to promote the public interest, and a belief that politicians seek office to serve the public (rather than to enrich themselves).  

I am very impressed Jordan. Really, you've created something out of nothing [and have] made a name for yourself [with] an extremely impressive network of people. Have you considered a career at MSNBC or CNN ? 
[Your episode] was excellent. Your best interviewee, and you were at your best too. Your introduction was outstanding in presentation and substance. The microphone technical sounds were spot on.
Ken Rubin
Podcast Enthusiast

I know everybody who's already been interviewed by you likes the process.
Peter Franchot
Comptroller, State of Maryland