Immigration 101: Sanctuary Cities, Drugs, Guns, Europe, & Libertarians

Immigration 101

Headlines around the globe are increasingly turning to the topic of immigration. Whether it's illegal immigration to the United States or the European Union, whether it's Sanctuary Cities or crime rates, there are many myths and theories that surround the topic of human movement and its policy implications. 

Today we're pleased to bring you voices from all sides of the issue. From a libertarian encouraging immigration to New Hampshire to an immigration attorney explaining the effects of American firearm and drug policies on the immigration debate. 

  Liselott Blixt, Danish Parliamentarian

   Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland, Oregon

   Marie-Rose Sirukari, President and Founder of the African Women Council

   Tricia Cooper, Immigration Attorney

   Jason Sorens, Chairman of the Free State Project

   Ana Sol-Gutierrez, Maryland State Delegate

Jordan Cooper
Host, Public Interest Podcast